Malcolm Robertson


Malcolm Robertson was born in Lowestoft in 1964, largely self-taught as a composer, he has been composing for around 35 years. He has written works for Piano (including two sonatas), Organ, Choir, Songs, Orchestra & Chamber Music (including two String Quartets). He is currently working on a Piano Trio. Malcolm has a special interest in 20th century American & British music and the symphony generally. Other hobbies include, bird watching & nature photography, astronomy & history.

Geoff Cummings-Knight

t: 01263 576691
Geoff Cummings-Knight (MA, B Mus Hons, ARCM, ABSM) is a British Composer, Arranger, Producer and Lecturer. His compositions have won national and international recognition (Boston University Chamber Ensemble). He was featured in BBC TV Series “Heartland FM” produced by Tern TV (1999) for his Radio Series on Composers. Currently he is an active member of the Norfolk Composers Group and has contributed to concerts over the past 3 years.
Geoff also performs Live Piano Accompaniment to Silent Movie Footage (Cromer Coast Festival 2013) and other venues, and plays and improvises on Piano in various settings.
Local choirs in Norfolk (New Sheringham Singers, Southrepps Chorale) have performed his “Invocation: The Nightingale” at various venues.
Major Works
Piano Concerto no 1 (Worthing Symphony Orchestra 1985) (D Honeybourne/M Jones) 2 Piano Version: Bristol (2006) Duncan Honeybourne Birmingham (2011)
Piano Sonata No 1 in C# major (Duncan Honeybourne) St. John’s Church, Wimbledon (2011)
Amey, R (2011) “…arresting elements of improvisation, fantasy, sound pictures and above all, white hot passion”
Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, Ballade, Preludes, Transcription of The Turning Year Cantata
Symphonic Prelude: The Infancy of Hercules (Orchestral run through, Buxton (2008).
Edge of Dream: Sonata for Violin and Piano
Weir, J (2015) …“skillful harmonic progressions, beautifully crafted…the grandchild of…Faure”.

Jennie Cummings-Knight


Jennie C-K Bio for Composers Group

Jennie Cummings-Knight, MA, FHEA, PGCE, MBACP (counsellor, lecturer, writer) is also a musician and contralto folk singer. She improvises on favorite piano tunes and experiments with her own. She has also written a number of Hebraic style settings of sacred texts for Guitar and Voice. She is a member of local choirs (most recently Poppyland Benefice Choir). Since her move to Norfolk in August 2013 she is singing more than she has done for years and is enjoying the opportunities available.

t: 01263 576691

Colin Blundell


C0lin Blundell

The Concept of Music (R13+)

Philosophy of Music

Graphic Musical Scores

Fanfare for Fenland

Music & Learning


Composing music since 15: simply followed a piano transcription of the Unfinished every time it was played on the radio and thought to myself, “I can do that…” So I did and have just followed my nose and the blobs ever since. In schools & colleges where I’ve worked I composed music for anybody who would play it which resulted in various wacky combinations, including an opera/ballet for a middle school. I’ve trained many executives & consultants in industry under the heading of ‘self-development’ and had them ‘composing music’. I joined COMA in 2006 and have never looked back. I still don’t know what a diminished 7th might be but I know that music is the sound of life.


Past Events

April 2018;   Norwich School.  Contemporary Music Day.

March 2017;   Octagon Chapel Norwich.   Sunday afternoon concert in aid of Parkinson’s UK.

June 2016;    Templewood  Northrepps  “A Garland for Nepal”

October 2015;    Concert in The Old Chapel S. Creake.  “Songscape”

February 2015;     Eaton Concert Series.    “The Silver Thread of Sound”

June 2014;     Trunch Church Shared concert event with Trunch Concerts.

November 2014;     South Walsham. St Lawrence Arts Centre.                                  ” Notes Tremendous and Immortal Fire”.

March 2014;   Octagon Chapel Norwich. Sunday concert with Michael Finnissy in aid of the Benjamin Foundation.                                                                    Mainly  based on Norfolk themes.

June 2012;  Octagon Chapel Lunchtime concert in aid of Autism Anglia.


We first got together in 2011 to discuss the idea of forming a composers’ group.

Those who were interested in forming a group had a couple of meetings where we discussed our aims and introduced some of our music.

Our first concert was at the Octagon Chapel in Norwich in June 2012.

We were joined by Michael Finnissy for our second concert, also at the Octagon, after Pat discovered that he had moved to Sheringham and he was keen to encourage us.

Since then, we have held regular concerts a salons, and or website has led composers to join us —————————————————


Our mission is to promote high quality music, particularly by local composers and beyond.

We regularly hold private salons to listen to and discuss each others’ music.

Several of the members are involved with CoMA                                                  


Judith Weir came to talk to us and to listen to our music on 1st March 2015.  She was very impressed and encouraging.

In 2011, realising that there were many composers whose work was simply sitting in a drawer, and not being brought to life, Pat (Hanchet) decided to do something about it.

She contacted all the good local composers that she knew about, plus a few more which she found in the local press and on-line, with the idea of getting some kind of co-operative group together, who might benefit from the strength in numbers to have enough influence to get their music performed.