We first got together in 2011 to discuss the idea of forming a composers’ group.

Those who were interested in forming a group had a couple of meetings where we discussed our aims and introduced some of our music.

Our first concert was at the Octagon Chapel in Norwich in June 2012.

We were joined by Michael Finnissy for our second concert, also at the Octagon, after Pat discovered that he had moved to Sheringham and he was keen to encourage us.

Since then, we have held regular concerts a salons, and or website has led composers to join us —————————————————


Our mission is to promote high quality music, particularly by local composers and beyond.

We regularly hold private salons to listen to and discuss each others’ music.

Several of the members are involved with CoMA                                                            http://www.coma.org/get-involved/ensembles/east


Judith Weir came to talk to us and to listen to our music on 1st March 2015.  She was very impressed and encouraging.

In 2011, realising that there were many composers whose work was simply sitting in a drawer, and not being brought to life, Pat (Hanchet) decided to do something about it.

She contacted all the good local composers that she knew about, plus a few more which she found in the local press and on-line, with the idea of getting some kind of co-operative group together, who might benefit from the strength in numbers to have enough influence to get their music performed.